Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Is Rory Gilmore Transfering to WCSU?

Today I walked onto what I thought was the WCSU midtown campus. I, apparently, was wrong. As I looked around signs told me otherwise. Signs that used to read “WCSU – Western Connecticut State University” now read “RISD – Rhode Island School of Design”. What was the old science building had now become the RISD art building. I thought I was losing my mind. I was beginning to wonder what was in the Starbucks I had just finished drinking. I wondered if this was some elaborate dream and I was about to wake up. Then I saw her. Rory Gilmore, also known as Alexis Bledel. She was walking around the corner of a building. I was sure I had gone crazy. Then a minute later came two cameras following her. I wasn’t crazy!

Some time ago movie scouts had come to the WCSU theater department looking for locations for “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2”. After visiting they told the theater department that they would be letting them know when they were coming. That was the last I had heard about it. This was them! In the sequel Alexis’ character ( I never saw the first so I don’t know her name). Goes to art school. That art school – WCSU! Well…RISD, but when all of us WestConn folks see it, we will know. Today they were filming a dozen or so scenes on the quad, in front of the student center and in front of the “art” building. The exterior of the science building is being used as the art building but the are actually using the WCSU art classrooms for classrooms in the movie.

After class this morning I stayed and watched them filming for a little bit. I got to say hello to Alexis and she said hello back. She seemed very nice. I left and came back a little while later with my sister. She is a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan and she wanted to meet her. Unfortunately she was very busy filming so that didn’t happen. We’re going to go down there again tomorrow. The crew is there until Friday. I was excited to be on a professional movie set. I hadn’t been on one since “Mr. Deeds”. This was much better experience. Deeds had hundreds of people flocking there to watch because it was Winonna Ryder, Adam Sandler and Peter Gallagher. The only big name at this shoot is Alexis. There were a lot less people. Plus the crew was so nice. I was able to get really close to the filming area. Honestly I think they thought I was an extra so they let me go anywhere. That was fine with me. I think I may have slipped into a few of the shots as well. So I guess I’ll be going to see this movie I would never see in theaters normally, just to find myself. It was fun. SPOILER ALERT – Alexis’ character kisses a guy in front of the ‘art’ building, but doesn’t really love him. Another scene involves another guy attempting to kiss her and she pulls away and walks away harshly while he stares longingly at her. SPOILER OVER. Anyway – I’m going back tomorrow, so maybe another report tomorrow ( and if I have my way - news that I’m going on a date with Alexis Bledel, but I doubt that will happen).

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