Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Getting Started

So I started a blog about a year ago and it seems blogger has changed over to a new system forcing me to change my blog so here is the first blog from my old blog:

Getting started
I've decided to jump on the blog bandwagon, or as I like to call it the blogwagon. This is my first entry in what hopefully with be an entertaining blog ( for those who read it) and a theraputic blog (for those who write in it, meaning me). As much as possible I will update it with commentary on life and its everyday frustrations as well as humorous observations. They may or may not be funny to you, but above all they'll be funny to me ( thats all thats important). If you find yourself mentioned in this blog, I apologize in advance for anything that will hurt anyones feelings. I am not setting out to do that but one can never make everyone happy. Hope you return to read the daily ( hopefully) entries. Thats all for now!

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