Monday, June 18, 2007

Notes on a weekend...

So I don’t really have anything to rant about today so I’m just going to make some quick notes about my weekend.

Friday – My weekend started out great because I got out early from work. I got out early because I was going to my sister’s high school graduation. She was graduating from the same high school as I did. It was very surreal being at DHS in a graduation atmosphere. That hasn’t happened since 2002 when I, myself, graduated. Its was like a weird acid trip or something . I kept thinking I would see old friends from high school when, in fact, I recognized barely anyone. Even the teachers were, for the most part, different. It was also weird to see my sister’s best friend up at the podium giving the same speech I gave at my graduation ceremony. No the same as in the words were the same but in the same situation. A theater kid, chosen out of many applicants, to address the entire graduation ceremony. While the ceremony was not filled with friends from high school I did see a bunch of my classmates. It’s funny, because they were there for the same reason as I. They also had siblings graduating. Overall it was a great time. We went to the Olive garden afterwards.

Saturday – I took my dad out for lunch for Father’s day ( I do know it was Sunday but when we get there, you’ll see why I took him out today). After lunch I went to The Relay Bookhouse in Bethel to pick up a book I had ordered. I ordered a children’s book entitled Persephone: Bringer of Spring. You are probably wondering why I bought a children’s book on Greek mythology. I bought it because it was written by my great aunt. She recently passed away and she was an incredible person. In searching fro her obituary on the internet I came across the fact that she wrote a book. She never really told us about the book, she kept it to herself. In 1971 she wrote a children’s book which retold the Greek myth of Persephone. Her best friend did the illustrations and it was dedicated to their daughters. It went out of print many years ago I came to find out. I was able to track a copy down ( with the help of The Relay Bookhouse) that was sitting in a warehouse in Maryland. The copy was from a Library in Missouri. It is a very beautifully written and illustrated book and I am proud to call her my aunt. After picking the book up I went off to rehearsal for ‘Fiddler’ and then hung out with a friend after rehearsal.

Sunday- I had rehearsal the ENTIRE day. It was our tech rehearsal for ‘Fiddler’ because we are opening on Thursday night. We spent almost ten hours in rehearsal. It was worth it. The show is going to be great (most of the numbers, at least. The jury is still out about L’chaim). It was just a great day overall. As frustrated as I get some tech weekends it’s also when I realize one of the major reasons I do theater, working with friends. The fun we have at rehearsals and the time we spend together outweighs any bad that comes out of tech weekend. ‘Fiddler’ had really gained me new friends who I hope will be in my life forever. I always make friends while in a show and we always say we’ll keep in touch, but we rarely do. We all get so busy, either with shows or other distractions. There is always that one person from a show that I make a point not to lose contact with and I think I’ve found that person. Its just nice to know that there are crazy people just like you that love theater just as much as you do. That’s why I do theater.


kel said...

You haven't lost contact with ME! Wahoo!! I'm one of The Ones!!

And about DHS graduation, I imagine that would be strange in a weird, fuzzy, i'm-in-a-time-warp kind of way. I get sucked into nostalgia really easily. Even still, my high school yearbook eats up hours of my life any time I crack it open (thankfully, that happens very rarely). It's just strange to look back on who we used to be and what we used to fill our days with, isn't it? It feels so bizarre that the things that totally consumed us at that point in our lives--the things that we thought were SO crucial--now seem so distant and trivial... to the point that we long for things that simple to be our stressors once again.

And it sounds like you've found someone cool at Fidler. That's awesome. I wish I were in situations where I felt I was around people who cared about similar issues as I do and who it was exciting to become friends with. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I feel like it's hard for me to make friends now that I'm out of college.

Uh, have you given this website to anyone else, Matt? Because I'm totally treating it like you're the only one who's reading. Maybe I should not be so self-revealing here. And I was really rambly. Well, oh well.

In any event, I like your posts. Do keep 'em coming.

Littleshop24 said...

You are one of the lucky ones! I know what you mean about the yearbook thing. Directly at eye level to me when I'm on my computer at home and they tempt me. I try not to look at them but everytime I do I just enjoy it so much (the good memories anyway). My blog is listed on facebook, but I'm sure you're the only one who reads it and I'm fine with that. its better that way. This way I can write terrible things about people I dislike and no one except you will know. I'll just have to write bad things about you somewhere else :)I'm glad you enjoy my posts. I enjoy writing them. Plus it is a much needed distraction at work.