Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Phone rings, door chimes...

Here is my first officaly post on the new blog thanks to Kelly:

This past weekend I went and saw the revival of the Stephen Sondheim musical 'Company' for the third time ( I know, I have a problem). I've come to realize that I am the central character. I am Bobby. Alright, so I'm not thirty five. I am single while every one of my friends is in a relationship, like Bobby. I date but never make any real connections, like Bobby. Everything about the character is me. He is insecure and looking for someone. The show is so reflective of my life it is scary. the dialogue is so profuound and eerily close to my own life that if the show ere not written thirty years ago i would assume Sondheim was following me around. all of the couples match perfectly to couples I know down to their words. The show is filled with so many quotes that i live my life by. One of Bobby's girlfriends says to Bobby at one point refering to central park "I'm like this park here, out of place". This is Bobby's view of himself as well as mine. Bobby doesn't really know where he is going or where he has been in regards to the relationships around him. He just knows something doesn't feel right about his relationships with other people. Bobby comes to the realization at the end of the musical that what is he looking for is someone to be there. The character of Joanne remarks to Bobby "I'll take care of you, kiddo" to which he responds "But who will I take care of?". He then sings one of the greatest songs ever written in musical theater history, "Being Alive". All Bobby wants is someone to take care of, someone who will take care of him. Someone to share his life with. As he sings, "Someone to hold me to close, someone to hurt me to deep, someone to sit in my chair and ruin my sleep...". Bobby just needs someone to be there. He needs to know he is not alone. Being alone is the worst thing that can happen in Bobby's mind. He is not a full person alone. He sings, "...alone is alone, not alive..." This post isn't some cry for help from me. It is just my observation that I am Bobby.

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